Mopti is a modern jazz quintet which through five strong and diverse individuals play original compositions with a contemporary and innovative sound. Fixed and loose structures and acoustic and electrical textures blend into a challenging, dynamic and appealing soundscape. Harald Lassen’s saxophone explosions quickly transform into lyrical passages and are complimented by trumpetist Kristoffer Eikrem’s delicate and intelligent lines. They are accompanied by guitarist Aleksander Sjølie’s nuanced and well-placed sound pallet, and while I do my best to feed the music with some low-frequent chunks, it’s really all anchored by Andreas Wildhagen’s intensely firm, yet flexible drumming.

Well-arranged compositions and a variety of improvisational concepts make up the basis for the band’s emphasis on interplay and improvisation, making Mopti into a band that is always balancing on the edge between the known and the un-known.

Harald Lassen – saxofones, vocal.

Kristoffer Eikrem – trumpet

David Aleksander Sjølie – guitar, vokal.

Christian Meaas Svendsen – bass

Andreas Wildhagen – drums

Bendik Baksaas – DJ


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